The ROI Benefits of Using Vehicle Magnets

Anytime a business invests in marketing it not only expects mobility but a return of investment as well. Return of investment, or ROI, is a marker of success. Let’s look at a billboard. A company spends money on using a billboard for an advertisement. It does not want this money to go to waste, so it expects the money spent on the billboard to come back through the consumers it brings in. If that does not happen it suffers a loss. Although this may not affect bigger companies that can afford to take a hit smaller companies may not survive it. This is why using magnetic signage is a good move to make. Not only is it effective and cheap but it has a great rate of ROI. So if you are looking for an affordable way to gain mobility, here are the best reasons to invest in magnetic signs for your automobile.

1. They Are More Affective

Magnetic car signs near me are one of the most successful forms of branding utilized today. They are mobile, easy to acquire, easy to use, and very affordable. Any company no matter the size can obtain a few and mark some vehicles. Once the signs are affixed your company name is spread as far as you drive. Every stoplight, parking lot, and the street becomes a marketing venture. Billboards stay in one spot but a car can be everywhere. Put signs on more than one vehicle and the saturation increases. The more effective the marketing venture and the more business it will bring in. So if the idea is for the investment to pay for itself a magnetic sign already has an advantage.

2. They Are Practical

Magnetic signage is very practical in concept and Printmoz does an awesome job doing that. You attach one to a vehicle and transform it into a rolling billboard. Such an act makes it a far more effective branding gimmick than that bulky billboard, but it is such a practical move that it takes no time to do. You order signs and then put them on your car. It is that fast. It is that easy. Most other forms of marketing require time as well as money. Billboards have to be made and before then the spot where they will be placed has to be thought out. Commercials take a lot of moving parts to complete. Most often the purchase of these marketing options goes to more than one source. The cost also requires budgeting. There is a saying that states time is of the same value as money. So another benefit magnetic signs have for ROI is that their practicality takes away an investment of time. This allows you to focus more on the business itself.

3. They Are Cost-Effective

Magnetic signs are not costly to make or costly to acquire. There is a wealth of online companies that produce all manner of custom signs. Many of these signs can be had for as low as $8 dollars. This means that you could procure hundreds of them and not break a thousand dollars. You can outfit a fleet of vehicles or supply an event with only a fraction of the expense necessary to fund a commercial or radio advertising. In fact, a company could spend an entire yearly budget on big advertisements and only enjoy the same success as a magnetic sign. So one benefit to ROI is that magnetic signs provide more value for your dollar. The other benefit is how easy the investment is to pay off.

If the purchase of 300 magnetic signs could cost somewhere around $700 dollars, then the act of paying that $700 dollars is amount to pay. A commercial that costs upwards of a few thousand dollars would take a while to pay back. The company would need to see an influx of business to slowly earn the amount needed. $700 dollars could be paid off by one job given the specifics of the service offered. A company dealing in car sales, for instance, would make more than that amount with the sale of one automobile. This makes the ROI of magnetic signage very easy to attain.

4. They Are Easier to Distribute

Magnetic signs have become a very popular giveaway at special events and fundraisers. If your company hosts the event it is almost a rule that it provides some kind of free gift. You may have seen plenty of golf balls with the company name emblazoned but how about car magnets. Since magnetic signage is so cheap to buy the ability to pass them out during events is possible. Every person who grabs one is another chance at getting your name out there. Sure, many will be thrown away or confined to the goody bag for all eternity, but many will also be put on a car. Now instead of a few company cars with signage, you have a huge armada of customer cars bearing your brand. This type of saturation almost makes the ROI of magnetic signs pay for itself.

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