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You could be having sex with Yoko Ono right now.
Please don't ever say that again.
  ~Dan and Casey, Smoky


Welcome to Restless Innocence, an index for all the sites I run and also a place where you can find out a bit about me. This version features images from some of my favorite things: fandoms, places, and more. Use the links on the left to visit my various sites, or check out the rest of this site by navigating via the links above. Updates to this site and to the various other sites I run are listed in the blog below. Enjoy!


Some new websites and fanlistings to mention since it's been quite a while!

I adopted the Band of Brothers fanlisting from the lovely Cecile & Ingrid. That's located at Currahee.

On the Supernatural front, I opened the fanlisting & freeze frame site for Something Wicked at This Way Comes, and the freeze frame for Home, Family Affair.

I also created a fanlisting & freeze frame site for the Wonderfalls episode Cocktail Bunny: Why Me?. And I opened Maybe There's Hope, the fanlisting for The X-Files series finale, The Truth.

And lastly, in honor of the site's four year anniversary, I gave You Wanted More, the Xander/Anya fanlisting, a new layout and lots of new content.

anna banana rambled @ 19:34
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New layout! I needed something more cheerful and spring-like. So TV fandoms it is!

I don't think there's a lot of new stuff to mention... I did close Cellophane Flowers in November, but the archives are still up and will remain there.

And in December, I adopted the Buffy Summers fanlisting from the lovely Niki, so I converted Just a Girl from a clique to the fanlisting and gave it a new layout. This was on my list of must have fanlistings, so thank you so much for thinking of me, Niki! :)

And that's it!

anna banana rambled @ 23:43
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I've been forgetting to mention things here, so there's a nice long list of new stuff to talk about today.

First off, a couple new fanlisting... Grace is Gone, the fanlisting for episode "A Trip to the Dentist" of Veronica Mars. And In the Name of Love, the fanlisting for the band U2, which was adopted from Rae when she closed of all of her listings.

A couple moved sites to mention, You Wanted More, the Xander/Anya fanlisting is now located at, and the clique Alter Ego is now housed here at

Also, worth mentioning is new layouts at the following fanlistings: Patronus (another gorgeous one from Rae), Our Mr. Reynolds, Prince Charming, and Fearless. Funny Guy also had a bit of a facelift, but it's not a huge change.

And I think that's it! smile

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